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Even if you don’t need much for running, the running shoes should by no means come from the discounter. You can only get the perfect running shoe from a specialist. A running analysis is useful to determine the gait pattern and the position of the feet. This is the only way to compensate for possible imbalances. People whose feet tip inward while running need a shoe that provides extra support for the inside of the foot. However, if you bend outward while running, you should choose a shoe that is equipped with special support elements on the outside. A good running shoe must also have good cushioning so that you can run without problems not only on soft forest floor but also on asphalt. For jogging beginners, for example, the “Nike Free running shoes” that can be found here are well suited. With a weight of just 230 grams, they offer a particularly gentle introduction to running. Barefoot shoes are less suitable for beginners. These are becoming more and more popular, but they should be worn by experienced runners, as the feet take a few weeks to get used to the running load.

When jogging, the right dosage is important. If you overdo the training, you will quickly reach your limits. Beginners should therefore run as slowly as possible to avoid overtraining. 3 to 4 runs a week are sufficient at the beginning to gently strain the body. If you are running for the first time, you should first run for one minute and then walk for two minutes before slowly reducing the walking breaks and continuously increasing the running segments. As a beginner, watch your running pace. If you start running too fast, you may experience difficulty breathing or a stitch in your side, which means that you will have to stop your training early. If you can talk to your running partner effortlessly, you have found the right running pace. It becomes more difficult if you jog alone. Then you should definitely downshift if you are breathing too fast.

Running is a great way to get and stay fit. Expensive clothing is not necessary for running, but runners should use the right footwear to prevent injuries.

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