Since a lot have been better and has now recently been left in order to be taken without adversity.

Discussing with people in your own bubble actually only brings self-affirmation. Much more interesting are discussions with people who have fundamentally different views.

I was already wondering, what would I say to Jim Hawkins, for example? He is well informed and aware of some grievances, but comes to different conclusions. His comment with “big capitalist bad, small capitalist good” can be interpreted as “Consuming consistently at least halfway considerately and sustainably is so expensive that you can leave it. So it doesn’t get on my mind.”

First of all, that’s a legitimate point of view. Try to get a fair smartphone without dozens of compromises. People who shop at Amazon mention top service, usually good prices and a huge range. You save time and money and have minimal risk as a customer. These are very specific personal advantages.

The disadvantages are not immediately noticeable. You can hide whether the warehouse workers are being exploited, unauthorized items are being hawked, friends are being spied on using Alexa bugs, Amazon is evading billions in taxes, through which the quasi-monopoly has flattened local retailers. And many do that.

The accusation is then reduced to “you don’t care about the others”. Boils down to it and means a homemade fight for a place in the sun. Everyone has the right to live a full life, nurses as well as pharmaceutical managers, Europeans as well as Africans. Nobody else should suffer any disadvantages for my well-being. We are very far from that again.

Talking about risk groups is slowly getting annoying, because the basic idea behind it is: it doesn’t affect me. A core neoliberal principle.

But logically it does, and to make it very clear: It only depends on the topic. Take climate change. The ancients can say with the same right and the same ignorance: do not concern us.

And the next epidemic (climate change – tropical diseases) may target those under 40 years of age or blondes.

The pandemic reliably illuminates the problematic areas in us and our societies. Professional babblers like Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro have now deserved to get on the bell. The notorious crisis profiteers come out on their own, e.g. Adidas. Dutch Sandwich and now subsidized by the state. Everywhere where, according to neoliberal doctrine, the limit or above is being handled, whether private or business, there is now a crunch. Pretty much everywhere. Covid-19 is still a relatively moderate warning.

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