Since a good deal has become better and it has already been still left to utilized devoid of adversity.

… I can understand the position of each individual at this point – are also affected by the situation! Trans-trip from Dubai – Crete MS5 for a special occasion, therefore saved on a junior suite …

The situation is maximum crap for EVERYONE! I think what bothers most in this situation and also creates little understanding – 1. The wall tactics for the cancellations 2. No open communication, just thrashing in dealing with the situation 3. The entire tourism industry is playing for time and hopes that the Governments / EU get the coals out of the fire 4. WE customers no longer feel as customers, but only as interest-free financiers, but we are left with our problems, then this feeling that OTHERS decide and dispose of my money.

Incidentally, there is an article on Spiegel online with the title: EU Commission against vouchers for travel cancellations -03.04.2020 1:04 p.m. So it’s not that straight…. !!!

And if things go the same way as at TUI Cruises, you rebook and get the deposit deducted again as a reward – instead of offsetting, nobody needs to complain about a lack of understanding from the “former customer”, no matter how often we can #We hold together quoting – is then just an empty phrase!

Absolutely correct. The tour operators do not shy away from conscious untruths. In its refusal to repay, MSC Germany relies on Italian law, while MSC in Munich knows very well that only German law applies to them. The letters from MSC therefore border on fraud. And should you give credit to such an organizer? Never ever!

The damage to the image and the loss of trust will be gigantic. Time is bought at the expense of what are actually valuable customer relationships. This time, however, it is not just individual customers who are affected by the shipping companies’ unfriendly problem management and who will turn away. This time it hits millions. Even if the market in Germany is large, it is not infinite. Booked 4 trips with AiDA this year. 2 are affected by the current cancellations. The way AiDA deals with the problem has consequences this time. But this also depends on the experience of more than 30 trips with the company. One shouldn’t have problems with AiDA tours / bookings in the past. But I could live with that. But the way you deal with customers now is the absolute highlight.

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