Simply because a lot have been better and contains been eventually left to be able to utilized without adversity.

They do not want to understand that the rule of law is being abolished here. So you are of the opinion that if it helps the industry, then the rule of law can also be abolished. We had that already 75 years ago, when the end justified the means. No, the state may do a lot with us, but not everything, the rule of law must always be upheld. The state should support the travel industry financially, this is the only legally permissible solution. It cannot be true that TUI and Lufthansa are helped with taxpayers’ money, but that taxpayers should then also give the companies another loan. I hope this illegal solution will stop.

I take the view that you have to help the collective and not the individual. If you give you a few euros back, you won’t save anything. If you give out vouchers for tourism as a whole, you save an industry with 3 million employees only in Germany. Besides, you don’t lose anything at all with the voucher.

I think it makes more sense. And yes there is law and order, but there is also the current reality that does not allow that.

I don’t want a voucher but my money back! The companies have made billions in profits and are pushing themselves to reimburse the money paid. Not only do I need the money back now and not in 2022 or later. As a 79-year-old small pensioner, I cannot do without the money, a voucher is not unacceptable for nich, that’s it!

The profits flow completely into the massive growth and into the “cheap, cheap, cheap” what the guests expect.

The guests expect the corresponding consideration for the money they have paid in. If this cannot be provided, the money must be refunded, no ifs or buts! This applies to all competitors without exception!

You, I know the law. But so is reality. If the law cannot be implemented in reality, it should be ensured that everyone gets through cleanly. The consideration is also not rejected, just postponed because reality does not acutely allow the service to be provided. Even if you get your money back, you can NOT get the benefit anywhere.

But you can also chase the entire tourism industry into nirvana, get nothing and not go on holiday in the tried and tested form for many years.

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