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I managed to extend my permission for three more more in this country, I have food and roof, but my health insurance is expired.

I am at my daughter’s house, but I need to return because I am responsible for my 78-year-old mother and my brother in a condition of disability. Humanitarian flights scheduled for this month has a cost of 11,500,000 and do not count on those resources to access the ticket.

Hi, I am in Barcelona, ​​Spain with my boyfriend. We run out of money and we just want to return on a humanitarian flight, but we do not know anything about flights please.

University students 18 and 20 years, scholarships by Math and Robotics, we are in Michigan with economic difficulties, we must return to take care of our mother who has postponed surgery until we return. Environmental and district to violate constitutional rights.

I need to return to my country since I was exhausted with the little money that I had left and where I was staying, I took me 3 days on a walk, waiting for help to be able to return to my country that is Colombia. Please help.

We are together with my wife at Andla Bohol / Philippines for two months without any kind of government support, we request a humanitarian flight at reasonable prices.

I do not have $ for the hotel, I do not have food, they tried to get us out of strength. I can not afford the humanitarian flight of $ 12’000,000, I have not received any kind of help and I feel somewhat weak.

Greetings I am stuck since March 14 and I have not been able to return to Colombia I am in Lima and I can not anymore …

I fear for my health and my life, because I am in Mexico where there is no obligatory quarantine, people still do not believe in the Covid-19, cases have increased by the irresponsibility of many. Unfortunately there was a humanitarian flight that did not consider the students as is my case.

Hello I am in Spain with my mother, who is hypertensive, since March 14. She had returned on April 5. Avianca canceled the flights. What we want is to be able to go home, but the chancellery does not help.

I find myself stranded with my family of 4 people, my father is sick, medications are exhausted and we do not have resources to return on a humanitarian flight. We appreciate your good offices to be able to return to Colombia.

I am in Peru since March 13, since I went on vacation for a week, but unfortunately it took me by surprise the quarantine, I need to return to my country since I can lose my work to which I am linked in Colombia and I have been more than 20 years in the company.

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