Mainly because a whole lot has been better and it has been eventually left to help be utilized without adversity.

But what is the reality like? The shipping companies do not answer, the shipping companies are … German customers, for example, to the US-Americans, the shipping companies are not prepared to make any concessions. A lot of trust is being lost there and there will be a wave of lawsuits.

Equal rights for all. Perhaps we citizens can also give the tax office a voucher for the next tax payment?

“Voucher instead of repayment to support tourism” is only short-sighted and meaningless. TuiCruises gives me a voucher, but I would like to drive e.g. AIDA soon. But I can’t because TuiCruises doesn’t pay me MY money. And vice versa, what does someone do with their AIDA cancellation voucher if they want to book TuiCruises?

When things go bad, everyone waits -incl. AIDA and TuiCruises – customers can freely dispose of their money again by the end of 2021.

In the best case, the vouchers are tradable. But if you have booked TC now, why do you have to want to drive AIDA afterwards? You can always create problems yourself if you want, right? 😉

@ Pascal: AiDA was just an example. I myself ride very rarely with TC, but prefer Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and NCL. The voucher is not valid there and TuiCruises may have my money until 12/2021, so that I cannot spend this money on the other cruise lines.

But you didn’t make the TC trip, so you can catch up on it. As I said, you can cause yourself even more problems than there are.

The wish of the industry to help in full honor, but now such a snap act that massively disadvantaged customers does not help and in case of doubt is collected again by the BVerfG or the ECJ. All those who demand that can ask Mr. Scheuer how it went with the toll …

Well, special times need special action. Of course, you can also let everything go down the drain. Then there is no money, no vouchers or holidays afterwards.

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