Mainly because a great deal is far better and has recently been still left in order to be used with out adversity.

“The chance of infection depends largely on the number of contacts. Where these contacts take place does not matter, because there are no longer any corona-free areas.”

Most of the contacts over a very short period of time are usually made at fun events in the city or on a trip. As long as fun events are not allowed to take place, trips are also not allowed. It’s actually not that difficult.

It would be really great if you also took note of the reactions to your contributions, then you would notice the frequent headwinds and you would have the opportunity to adapt your postings at least in terms of form to the requirements of the forum.

Not everyone – I even go so far as to say, hardly anyone – likes to be bombarded with irrelevant links or copied posts.

Instead of focusing on fighting the virus, people complain about the summer vacation. Germany unites a jammer country. With this stupid way, the ARD contributes to the collective messing and whining, such minor things as summer holidays as a big topic!

At least I have to admit, I like to read the head wind and I am very amused, that’s something …

You don’t need to worry about summer vacation. The virologists have determined that the summer vacation cannot be infected with Covid-19. He appears to be immune to the virus. “

Then one can only hope that the summer (the summer weather) itself does not take a vacation far from Germany.

“Read the travel cancellation insurance through … it has nothing to do with it! Just in case you get sick and can’t go on vacation.”

But let me put it differently: There is something like travel insurance (travel cancellation insurance, travel cancellation insurance, travel interruption insurance, travel …). They cost a little extra, but minimize the financial damage in the event that a trip cannot take place due to external circumstances.

By the way: what travel cancellation insurance includes depends on the insurer. If you have completed this with the ADAC, you have now drawn the A card. On the other hand, have you completed them at Hanse Merkur and are on short-time work … é voila! The travel cancellation insurance covers your financial damage.

If you still book a vacation in view of the general situation, WITHOUT securing yourself … sorry … it’s your own fault!

«Why aren’t people going on vacation in Germany? The entire territory is simply wonderful, starting with Heligoland … the Black Forest is endless, the Alpine foothills are infinitely beautiful … everything is just wonderful! »

You have “forgotten” the Mecklenburg Lake District, the Müritz, the Spreewald. For me as a paddler, exquisitely beautiful areas, with everything that you describe.

Doctors’ offices and hospitals are currently more empty than ever before. Maybe S-H will wake up soon.

The USA is on your ban list but you want to go to Hawaii? You have to change your ban list 🙂

If millions of Germans do not go south in the summer, then D has to transfer all the money to these countries.

I would be very happy to travel again. Less for vacation reasons, but because my partner lives abroad. But it just remains to be seen, because nobody can predict that at the moment.

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