For the reason that a lot has been superior and has now been still left to utilized with no adversity.

Hello Rene, I agree exactly with you! We were on Gran Canaria-combi-tour-1 week hotel and then on Aida 1 week Canary Islands cruise. The cruise was canceled, the official message has still not been sent – there is no answer to the mail and we should then accept vouchers. I’m not there, because on March 6th we offered a cancellation for a voucher before departure. Was refused …… cancellation possible, but we should pay the full cancellation fee. I have the feeling that a pyramid scheme is collapsing!

It is unbelievable that we should now give customers interest-free loans to companies from our money. Are equally affected by 2 trips. The decision of who will organize my next trip is not determined by the state, is it still possible? No service, money back.

It’s not that I can fly another time, NO if the flight is more expensive (let’s assume) I should pay a difference, funny idea. It would be fair to say regardless of the price, I can use my flight on my desired date, WITHOUT any surcharge, no matter when. We should show goodwill, but not our counterpart ???

The books should be placed openly on the table. If a shipping company is actually threatened with bankruptcy, we as a family could show understanding and accept vouchers. However, MSC Cruises, for example, has announced that it will start cruising on June 1st, 2020. How many MSC customers can say that? Absolute uncertainty, short-time work, financial worries spread. And for my cash I should exchange what is now needed for my family’s survival for waste ?? !! MSC asked my lawyer and I to wait until April 20th, 2020. If there is no reimbursement, we will never book with MSC again and I will advise anyone to go on a cruise with the MSC.

Since it affects all tour operators worldwide, it will be very difficult with vacation in your life. This is then only possible completely individually without an organizer. It’s hard but doable.

And to be honest: If you run to the lawyer and give the money because you are doing so badly and absolutely need the money, you are kidding yourself a bit, right?

Wepner: Thank god I have legal expenses insurance and a good lawyer who likes to deal with MSC!

Hello, that’s exactly how I see it. In the end, the customer is always the stupid one.

Clever government. Bankruptcy wave instead of this year on December 31, 21. Consumers are forced to play interest-free banks and thus get themselves into financial distress.

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