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12:55 p.m. The Reutlingen district office does not report any new confirmed corona cases. This means that there are a total of 1,562 confirmed cases in the district. The number of deaths in connection with Covid-19 has not increased, it remains at 89. 1,470 people are considered recovered, that is 99.80 percent (deaths not included). There are currently still three active corona cases known. (pm)

12:23 p.m. Huge sums of money for an unprecedented crisis: The European Union is trying to face the pandemic together. It’s a historic joint project – but can it work? At the EU summit in Brussels today, Angela Merkel said that the differences between the 27 countries were “still very, very large” and that it was unclear whether a result was possible. Nonetheless, the pressure of expectation is enormous to fight the greatest crisis in the history of the European Union together. (dpa)

11:40 a.m. Nothing flies anymore, and you have to chase after the money for the ticket for months: The Corona collapse is straining flight passengers. But not only with them the anger grows. (dpa)

11:19 am The anniversary year for the 250th birthday of superstar Ludwig van Beethoven is going completely differently than planned. As soon as the festival program was up and running, it was choked off by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. (dpa)

10:48 a.m. When a pandemic hits a populist as president: With around 77,300 reported cases, the number of new corona infections in the USA has reached a new high. This will break the previous record of 67,800 new cases within 24 hours of July 10th. (dpa)

10:06 am In future, shops and museums in Israel will have to close on weekends. The government is relying on a kind of lockdown light. But she refrains from rigid measures such as in spring. The economy is still groaning under the consequences. (dpa)

9:41 a.m. The weeks of standstill in the car dealerships also had a noticeable effect on sales figures at Porsche. The sports car manufacturer delivered almost 117,000 vehicles to customers worldwide in the first half of 2020. That was twelve percent less than in the first six months of the previous year, as Porsche announced on Friday. Compared to other manufacturers, however, the decline is still quite moderate. (dpa)

9:38 am At Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, the authorities take a close look before production can be restarted – so there is a new break in slaughter. Labor Minister Heil, meanwhile, wants to present a draft law for better working conditions in the meat industry soon. (dpa)

9:01 a.m. Several federal states had warned of travel restrictions for entire districts in the event of corona outbreaks. But they weren’t even planned. Now there are more targeted rules. The German Association of Cities welcomes this.

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