Because lots continues to be improved possesses been recently left in order to be taken devoid of adversity.

“Eco-social” are those who collect the bottles in the park because their “basic rent” is not enough. There are also women and some of them may even be lesbian. Just interviewing some of them in the next two futur would give unfamiliar and probably uncomfortable insights.

As others have already commented, the distinction between memorial and memorial is missing, and that is crucial here.

The fall of monuments does not rewrite history, but rather expresses that the values ​​of a society have changed. Nothing more, nothing less. Especially the change in the appreciation of warmongers, tyrants and exploiters, in short: the appreciation of domination.

In Koblenz, for example, Kaiser Wilhelm I stands on the Deutsches Eck, 14 meters high, on a winged horse, again since 1993 after the statue was shot down in World War II. Between 1945 and 1993 the German flag stood on the Deutsches Eck, not the black-white-red of the German Empire and the Nazis.

The black-red-gold was the flag of the German Wars of Liberation and the March Revolution, i.e. those who wanted a German republic. Wilhelm I successfully fought this movement, then waged the war against France. What is the message if someone like that comes back on the pedestal 48 years later? We want our old Kaiser Wilhelm back? How do you explain the fucking French guests? Jo, many think it’s cool that we flattened you back then?

Koblenz is peppered with tributes to the Prussian and Austrian noble reactionaries. In addition to the Deutsches Eck there is the Metternich district, the Metternich house, in which the corresponding prince was born, after the Congress of Vienna the central reactionary figure who prevented democratic developments in Europe, the Kaiserin Augusta monument, the Hohenzollernstrasse, the Moltkestr and Roonstr, with which Prussian generals from the haze are honored.

And we accept all of this as completely normal, every day. * That * is a show of power – and rewriting history.

Second: It was deliberately drawn out so far and my test worked. Not a single language regulation decreed by the pulpit has ever led to the situation for those affected having changed. What is its purpose then?

Has the gossip about “citizens” resulted in women being less disadvantaged? Just. Or has people of color instead of colored people instead of black people instead of X instead of Y (would be censored here anyway) for less racism? Exactly not at all. A grievance doesn’t change just because I stick the label over.

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