Because a great deal may be greater and contains also been remaining to be taken with out adversity.

Exactly the crucial point. Those who are now portraying themselves as rescuers in times of need have in the past decades ensured that societies around the world only became so vulnerable to such situations, and have benefited greatly from them.

Whether that was the dismantling of the welfare state, the demolition of the health care system or the pension system, the contempt for public services of general interest was coupled across the board with the still unproven claim that the market would regulate everything much better. He doesn’t regulate anything. When his narrow-gauge concepts hit the wall again, the characters stand on the mat and demand a bailout. So now too. Bertelsmann demanded last year that the “bloated” hospital sector could be cut in half. Has been noted.

Car companies switch off completely, in the certainty that the bill will be paid by others, as always, the short-time work, for example, banks will be habitually on the mat, systemically relevant, you know. The Warburg Bank, which would have to pay hundreds of millions due to its cum-ex fraud, is going through revision for the first time. Although the Hamburg Sozen had arranged a great deal for the bank. And Scholz certainly knew about it, too, nobody does that alone. But now he’s also one of the saviors in need.

There are reasons that we have this crisis, that our whole society is so vulnerable, and they are homemade, and they were unnecessary and avoidable. It is high time to hold those responsible and profiteers accountable and bring them to the checkout – not ask. And to steer around so that it doesn’t repeat itself forever. We really have better things to do than to create ideal conditions so that anti-social people can stuff their pockets and laugh at and despise the rest of humanity.

Every bet, soon it will be said that unfortunately we have to raise taxes – just not reintroduce wealth tax.

It is not the case that everything was forced directly, as in China. It was assessed daily and the measures were gradually ramped up. For some it is too fast, for others too slowly. The information to judge the whole story for yourself is still pretty thin. For example, those who have to look after their elderly parents are left with their own decision as to whether to visit those who may be a bad mistake.

Until a few days ago there were still corona parties, and especially the young people had not understood what was going on. Not even enough adults have that yet. The concept of voluntary commitment has never worked sufficiently, why should it do it now? Sections of society simply do not have the necessary level of maturity for this approach, regardless of whether it is industrial, self-promoter or teenagers. D.

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