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The real estate market in the Höxter district is at a record level: In 2018, more one and two-family houses were purchased across the district than ever since the data was recorded in the 1970s. For District Administrator Friedhelm Spieker, this positive development is a contribution to a possible “renaissance of rural areas”.

White flowers, a thick, green stem with small red spots and large, jagged leaves – this is what the giant hogweed looks like, a poisonous and particularly dangerous plant for humans. Their juice can cause severe burns if they come into contact with the skin under the action of sunlight. The Höxter district warns of the health risk.

The art project “Angel of Cultures” was invited to Höxter last November at the invitation of the Municipal Integration Center. Accompanied by many supporters, the rolling sculpture was moved through the city center on foot and by hand.

The regional return cup system “backCUP” has won many more partners four weeks after it was launched. There is a new website in map form so that customers can quickly and easily find the nearest drop-off point for the practical beverage containers. This service was developed by the Geoinformation Service department.

For Hans Hermann Jansen one thing is clear: “Culture brings people together because it has a ‘language’ that can do without an interpreter. Music in particular has great integrative power. ”As a member of the board of the Marienmünster Cultural Foundation, he, together with the Höxter district and the Klosterlandschaft OWL network, invites people with and without immigrant biographies to an integrative cultural project with the well-known Ensemble BoulevardBaroque on the 21st, 25th and 26th May a. There will be an adventure workshop especially for children.

Strong men and women are particularly in demand at the Höxter district’s mobility day on Saturday, June 1, in Brakel: Among other things, there will be a “bus pulling” competition in which a bus only has to be pulled by muscle power. There are also many other great and interesting campaigns on the subject of mobility.

What defines our society and what makes us strong? Where do we want to go together? This is the motto under which the 9th OWL Integration Congress will be held on May 23rd in Marienmünster from 6.30 p.m. onwards. Among other things, the NRW State Secretary for Integration, Serap Güler, answers questions from citizens.

For the first time, the Nature and Technology Association has awarded Luise Holzapfel prizes to participants in the MINT.We

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