Because a great deal have been better possesses recently been still left in order to utilized devoid of adversity.

Bob Marley would turn around in the grave. Apparently you have to set the bar as high as Zappa, so that decades later it doesn’t matter who comes up with the idea of ​​taking you over.

The 50 million donated to the Warburg Bank after a personal meeting, the tax legislation hastily passed last year, housed in another nondescript package that was supposed to get Cum-Ex out of the line of fire. Something like that doesn’t happen accidentally or unintentionally.

Hello? What is Trump’s business where DE sources natural gas from? Or phones or 5G? Or whether it settles oil in USD? Free trade routes, my ass. A praes stumbled upon it here.

Perhaps a clear answer is needed for the Trump regime to get back on the carpet and understand that it has nothing to do with school children over here.

Step 1: The Ami-Werbedrecksbauten comply with the GDPR, or they are out of the EU. Look for another billion dollar market on the moon. Privacy Shield was yesterday and just as consciously, deliberately fake as its predecessor Safe Harbor.

“Social” media are not only partially questionable. The name alone is the mockery. These are US advertising groups with almost global coverage that suck out all the data from their users that is technically possible, regardless of whether that is legal or not. And it doesn’t matter whether the users are informed about it or not. Informational self-determination? Good joke. It’s a billion-dollar market, but hardly anyone understands that. Funny, data is worth so much? Yes they are. And we are the colonies that they use all tricks to get these raw materials out of the cross, regardless of whether they are young or old. This is the new capitalism, data capitalism.

So far, the Irish “data protection authority” has been the willing cooperation partner of these bastards, much like the Netherlands and Luxembourg have set up paradisiacal conditions for US corporations in terms of taxes, so that a few crumbs fall off for them. It doesn’t matter whether the rest of the EU escapes taxes in the multi-digit billion range.

Now the Irish “data protectionists” are getting more pressure to finally do their job after years so that EU law is not just on paper. They are about to file a lawsuit for obstruction of punishment in office.

So get away, Facebook, including Instagram and WhatsApp.

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