Because a good deal is superior and has now been recently kept to be able to be utilized without the need of adversity.

It is normal that, of course, as in politics, they try to gain an advantage for themselves from every external change, from their point of view deterioration. In times of upheaval you can accommodate things that have long been on the list because it is drowned out in the noise and you can pretend that the processes are necessarily linked to one another. Never miss an opportunity to develop your own power base. Unlimited growth primarily means power.

That doesn’t change the fact that the big internet corporations are on the alert at the moment, presumably until they have found enough loopholes to return to their data = money business model, the massive diversion and fraudulent use of personal data and the associated data theft.

And no, the requirements of the GDPR do not overshoot massively, on the contrary. They can be simplified to the formula data = money. The big IT companies have known this for decades, and now so have the EU legislators. Reasonably comparable duties of care and evidence and rights now also apply to data. It is clear that the obligations for small data market participants such as money should be lower than for international corporations and will be refined in detail in the coming years. Or let’s see …

This is not just about Facebook. Stores like Microsoft and Apple are still pretty much missing on the GDPR radar. “Telemetry” that cannot be switched off in Windows 10, for example.

So with such an echo, a law can’t just be blah. Let’s see when Merkel will neuter it again in line with the market.

No. This was common at the Asian booths, who despise their users, because they speculated that they are too blind, stupid or lazy to turn off checked boxes with spam permission.

First impact of the GDPR: Max Schrems, the Austrian lawyer who has already scored points against Facebook and brought down the “Safe Harbor” data extraction agreement between the EU and the US, today just in time for the GDPR to come into force with his new data protection organization https: // lodged a complaint against Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Google. The total amount in dispute is just under € 8 billion.

Further hits: The LA Times and the other publications of the associated group are currently not available from the EU: So there is a mood in the USA because of the GDPR.

Keep it up. There are still many missing. All those who now go to the diving station or who arrive with banners and emails that are now illegal and request consent, come out with the fact that they use our data for a second time. You don’t need to confirm any of this in a relaxed manner (because from now on the coupling ban of the GDPR applies).

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