Because a good deal have been far better and has been recently quit so that you can be taken without adversity.

That is a very good question and I also got the issue of the financial test and unfortunately they did not go into the professional groups of the self-employed there.

In fact, only less than 1% of all self-employed people have a real chance of getting a loan from the DKB. These are lawyers, notaries, auditors, tax advisors, insolvency administrators, pharmacists and commercial property managers.

The DKB is more of a bank for employees, workers and civil servants. This group has it relatively easy to get a loan if the employment relationship is longer than 6 months and the employment contract is permanent or at least with the end date after the loan expires.

The best option for you is to fill in this loan calculator ► with your data. After you have entered your personal data on self-employment in steps 3 and 4, you will only be suggested banks that offer financing for self-employed people with their credit rating.

This is very convenient and the best way to get a loan. The loan calculator takes into account all changes in bank lending and is therefore always up to date. Good luck!

If you fill out the loan application, you come to a place called “DKB loan protection”. It’s insurance, isn’t it? Should you conclude with that?

Yeah right. It is a so-called residual debt insurance. This steps in for you if you are striving or if you are temporarily unable to work or unemployed through no fault of your own.

Such an insurance can be quite useful for real estate financing, but with a manageable installment loan it is often an expensive extra. Consumer advocates regularly advise against taking out additional insurance for a loan. With my own DKB loan, I also waived the DKB loan protection and thus saved money.

Otherwise, the loan approval is independent of taking out insurance. It’s a nice extra for the bank, of course, because you take on the risk by paying insurance.

The “normal” interest rate is still shown in the account details. Will the advantage come later or is it missing from me?

No idea, but for information: A reduced borrowing rate of 3.44% p.a. applies immediately. For DKB Cash customers 3.24%.

Hello, we would like to reschedule an old loan at the DKB and have now received mail from the DKB for a counter offer (only 800 less) as actually requested by us. In this letter it says: Unfortunately, after a comprehensive check, we cannot meet your loan request and directly below this sentence is written in bold: However, we are happy to offer you the loan with a loan amount of … .. € as an alternative! And the corresponding contract to sign in the appendix. Does that mean that we will get this sum or will it be checked again now? Many thanks for the answer

Congratulations! You have been approved for a DKB loan.

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